Cloverlone Broodmare Farm

Windsor's Qui Dandy

  • Sire: Quidam de Revel
  • Dam: Crocodile Cassina
  • Gender: stallion
  • Year Born: 2008
  • Color: bay
  • Height: 16.3 h (growing)
  • Stam: 890
  • Breeder: Windsor Farm, Upperville VA

Windsor's Qui Dandy is by Quidam de Revel, the most expensive living sire of jumping sport horses. Quidam himself was a jumping phenomenon, member of the French Olympic team earning bronze and fourth individuals in Barcelona.

Dam Crocodile Cassina is by Cassini II out of Florense and was imported by Windsor Farm, Upperville VA.

Florense (stam 890) is by the Holsteiner stallion Caretino. Florense is a daughter of Taura who also produced the approved stallions Ringo Starr (v. Ricardo) and Cesano I & II v. Caretino. Taura also produced the international jumper Crocodile Dandy (Alison Firestone) v. Caretino and Conally v. Caretino. This makes Florense a full sister to Cesano I & II, Crocodile Dandy and Conally. Florense's granddam, Maltia, is also the mother of Winja who produced the approved stallions Casaretto v. Calypso I and Capone I & II v. Contender. Taura is also the mother of Kira XVII who produced the approved stallion Casall v. Caretino. Therefor, Florense is half sister to both Winja and Kira XVII, producers of approved stallions.

Stam 890 produces mares who consistently produce approved stallions and international jumpers. Eurocommerce Berlin is by Casinni I out of a Caretino mare. Caretino has proven to be a very successful producer of showjumpers with very good movement. Three of his approved sons are successful as dressage horses. Caretino won his 100 day test and has produced 18 approved sons. Caretino is one of Germany's top stallions, producing horses that excel in both the dressage and jumper rings. From (2001) WBFSH rankings of top jumping sires, he is ranked #5 and is the youngest, at 18 years old, in the top ten. With more than 100 offspring, known for their astonishing movement and jumping ability, in sport, Caretino has 18 approved sons and 114 daughters, of which 12 are German State Premium. Caretino was one of four to be accredited as an approved KWPN stallion without having been presented at the Stallion Show nor evaluated on the constitutional requirements of the KWPN. As a young stallion, Caretino won his 10 0-day test in the Holsteiner Verband with the brilliant scores of 9.0 and 9.5 in jumping and 9.0 in general performance with a total jumping index of 145. Taura, dam of Florense, is by the combination Lord x Raimond. Lord was also champion of his 100 day test and was one of the earliest stallions to be successful in sport. Lord has over 60 approved sons. Raimond is the sire of Ramiro Z who was also successful in sport and needs little introduction.

Windsor's Qui Dandy Quidam de Revell Jalisco B Alme Z
Tanagra v. Furioso II
Dirka Nankin v Fria Diavolo
Ondine de Baugy
Crocodile Cassina Cassini II Capitol I
Wisma v. Caletto II
Florense Caretino
Taura v. Lord

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"Ferner gibt es aus den anderen Zweigen dieses Stammes viele hervorragende Sportpferde. Stellvertretend für alle nicht genannten sei hier der in Holstein anerkannte Eurocommerce BERLIN (v. Cassini I, Reiter Gerco Schröder, NL) 2006 Spring-Mannschaftsweltmeister in Aachen und der in Holstein gekörte Hengst COSMOPOLITAN (v. Corleone, Reiter Wieger D. de Boer, GER) genannt, der 2007, 2008 und 2009 Landesmeister Schleswig-Holstein in der Dressur wurde und maßgeblich zum Sieg im Nationenpreis der deutschen Mannschaft in Falsterbo / SWE beitrug."

Windsor's Qui Dandy will be bred to:

October Secret - Premium Holsteiner mare v. Contender -- Alcatraz, stamm 980.

Pristine v. CHINN, daughter of the Cloverlone stamm 5585 Holsteiner Verband prem mare, B-Cinderella v. Corleone.

Byacinthe II - 2009 mare v. R-Saluut II - Nyacinthe II v. Indorado, stamm 242 via embryo transfer.

White Shoulders v. Locksley Spotlight - Stone Quiz; 1992 spotted Holsteiner mare via embryo transfer.


Successful sport horses from stamm 890:



Holsteiner Stutenstämme

Aljour, B., * Holst. 2002, v. Aljano u. Nalexa v. Lasino-Rosso, PB Bay.
Camelot, Db., * Holst. 86, v. Capitol I u. Oria v. Sacramento Song xx-Wahnfried, PB SUI
Campus, Sch., * Holst. 92, v. Cantus u. Sabrina v. Marduk-Marengo, PB BEL
Candillo Junior,B., * Holst. 2001, v. Candillo u. Florense v. Caretino-Lord, PB Bawue.
Capone I, Db., * Holst. 96, v. Contender u. Winja v. Ladalco-Raimond, PB USA
Capone II, Schwb., * Holst. 98, v. Contender-Ladalco-Raimond, PB Holst., Brdbg., DK, HUN, LH Ldg. Marbach
Casall, B., * Holst. 99, v. Caretino u. Kira XVII v. Lavall I-Raimond, Holst. Verb.; internat. SPR erf. mit Rolf-Göran Bengtsson
Casaretto, R., * Holst. 89, v. Calypso I u. Winja v. Ladalco-Raimond, PB Westf.
Caspar, Sch., * Holst. 94, v. Cassini I u. Estia v. Caretino-Fernando, PB NL, als Berlin internat. SPR erf. mit Wim Schröder (NL)
Carentan, Db., * Holst. 2003, v. Caretino u. Ondine I v. Contender-Fernando, Holst. Verb.
Cesano I, B., * Holst. 94, v. Caretino u. Taura v. Lord-Raimond, Holst. Verb.
Cesano II, B., * Holst. 97, v. Caretino-Lord-Raimond, Ldb. Zweibrücken, Holst. Verb., Ldb. Marbach
Ciro, B., * Holst. 2005, v. Contender u. Kyra IV v. Lavall I-Rinaldo, LH Ldg. Zweibrücken
Clarence, Schwb., * Holst. 2003, v. Carano u. Kira XVII v. Lavall I-Raimond, Ldb. Neustadt/D.
Claudino, Db., * Holst. 91, v. Cor de la Bryère u. Zamara v. Landgraf I-Cantares, PB Rhpfs.
Colombardo, Db., * SUI 2001, v. Calando II u. Lombarda II v. Lombard-Caletto I, PB SUI
Common Sense, B., * Holst. 2002, v. Cash and Carry u. E-Alexa v. Rosso-Capriccio, PB ITA
Conquistador, B., Old.-Int., * 2004, v. Converter I u. Mykene v. Cassini I-Caretino, PB Oldbg.
Cosmopolitan, B., * Holst. 92, v. Corleone u. Wacholder III v. Lago Maggiore-Lord, PB Holst.
Count Down Swiss, Sch., * Holst. 2001, v. Counter u. Zamara v. Landgraf I-Cantares, PB Rhpfs.
Diskant, B., * Holst. 38, v. Diskus u. Fuchtel v. Odem-Horst, Ldb. Traventhal
Elmshorn, Db., * Holst. 86, v. Lord u. Santa Strings v. Corvado-Korenbleem xx, PB NL, SWE (Lorvado), HLP-Sieger
Estoban S, Db., * Bay. 93, v. Etalon u. Capa Negra v. Calypso IV-Sherry Netherland xx, PB Bay.
Euro Dream, B., * Rhld. 87, v. Ehrentraum u. Formidable v. Fidelio-Milan, PB Bawue.
Lancerto, Db., * Holst. 2003, v. Lancer II u. Fiosa v. Caretino-Fernando, PB Bawue.
Leonidas, B., * Holst. 77, v. Lido u. Feldrose v. Fantus-Altan I, PB Bawue., DK
Leviano, B., * Holst. 94, v. Levantos I u. E-Lola II v. Lord-Landgraf I, PB Bay.
Locarno GZ, B., * Holst. 92, v. Lord u. Tafina v. Caletto I-Freeman xx, PB SUI
Lombard, B., * Holst. 80, v. Lexington u. Marika v. Stanley-Farnese, HUN
Lorthello B, B., * Holst. 92, v. Lord u. Wange III v. Othello-Wahnfried, PB Bay.
Lucius, F., * Holst. 35, v. Lucian u. Ungarin v. Leu-Zedlitz, Ldb. Traventhal
Michael Braun, B., * Hann. 2001, v. Stakkato u. Caletta v. Caletto I-Landmeister, PB Zang.
Modesto, F., * Holst. 70, v. Marlon xx u. Bizarre v. Cromwell-Maki I, PB SWE
Odin, Db., * Holst. 37, v. Odem u. Standarte v. Horst-Zedlitz, Ldb. Traventhal
Ortwin, B., * Holst. 40, v. Ortolan u. Jette v. Odem, PB Hess.
Quick Lord Z, B., * Zang. 2001, v. Quick Star u. Lord Calanda v. Lord Calando-Latus II, PB Mecklbg.
Regilio, B., * NL 98, v. Heartbreaker u. Maud v. Burggraaf-Lord, PB NL
Ringo Starr, B., * Holst. 86, v. Ricardo u. Taura v. Lord-Raimond, PB Bay.
Rockford, R., * Westf. 2002, v. Rubin-Royal u. Fatima v. Florestan I-Glückspilz, PB Westf.
Rubinio B, Db., * Westf. 2003, v. Rubin-Royal u. Fatima v. Florestan I-Glückspilz, PB
San Leandro, Db., * Holst. 92, v. Sandro u. Landmädel v. Landgraf I-Flamingo, PB Rhld.

International Sport:

Conally (v. Caretino u. Taura v. Lord-Raimond-Korenbleem xx) Markus Renzel
Corinessa (v. Coriolan u. Nessa v. Raimond-Metellus-Korenbleem xx) Cora Ackermann-Ripke
Crocodile Dandy (Vollbruder zu Cesano I u. II) Markus Renzel, Alison Firestone (USA)
Feodora (v. Farnese u. Historie v. Marlon xx-Cromwell) Fritz Fervers
Frimella (v. Freeman xx u. Bizarre v. Cromwell-Maki I) Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst

Eurocommerce Berlin

Stallion | 11-03-1994 | KWPN | gray | 1m72 | stamm 890

The pedigree of Eurocommerce Berlin consists of the best Holstein show-jumping lineages combined with a powerful dam-line. Sire Cassini I (by Capitol I) caused sensation in the international show-jumping sport under Franke Sloothaak. And in breeding Cassini I has been at least as successful with a series of offspring active in the international sport such as Ingmar, Coco, Cumano, Carino and Olympic. Remarkable is also the fact that Berlin?s dam Estia (by Caretino) has been successful at the highest level of show-jumping under her sporting-name Cathleen W, ridden by Marc Wirths. This mare definitely did not get her jumping genes by accident. Her grand-dam Ostia (by Freeman xx) became world-famous under the name of Frimella. Ridden by respectively Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst and Willi Melliger this noble mare cantered many laps of honor. After her sports-career Frimella produced, among others, the international show-jumping horse Lorina II (by Lombard). The family of Berlin, Holstein lineage 890, is one of the most successful sports-lineages in Holstein breeding. Other reputable members of this family are, for instance, the famous Grand Prix show-jumpers Feodora, Crocodile Dandy, Corinessa, Quebec, Tinka's Lad and Caitano.