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Stud Fee: $850
Windsor's Qui Dandy

Windsor's Qui Dandy is a 2008 Zhangersheide stallion by the legendary Quidam de Revell out of the Cassini II - Caretino mare, Crocodile Cassina, stamm 890. If this pedigree sounds familiar, it should. International jumpers such as Allison Firestone's Crocodile Dundee, Eurocommerce Berlin, Conally, ... are of the same stamm (female family) with the Cassini - Caretino combination. Adding excess scope with talent of Quidam de Revell makes this young stallion all an Amercian breeder needs during these rough economic times. More information

Stud Fee: $1,250
Broadway boogie-woogie

Broadway boogie-woogie, Captain America's sire, is available this year. He stands 16.2 hands and has young horses with good temperaments and floating trots making them lovely hunters. BROADWAY is by the famous Locksley Spotlight (deceased) and out of the Fasolt mare, Frascati. His color comes from only 8.8% appalossa deep in his sire's dam line. More information

Captain America

Captain America, the appaloosa (4%) spotted Holsteiner stud colt v. BROADWAY boogie-woogie and also out of B-Cindrella (v. Corleone - Romanow -- Colombo, stam 5585) is growing in good balance with very fancy movement. His breeding book has not yet been opened. More information

R-Saluut II

R-Saluut II passed February 7, 2013. He left us many wonderful fillies and a special stud colt, R-Flash Gordon, out of the imported Prem Verband Holsteiner mare, B-Cinderella v. Corleone - Romanow -- Colombo (stamm 5585). For those that have missed out on the opporunity to breed to the living legend, R-Saluut II, we think you will be pleased to see this young stallion mature. Flash, standing in his sire's stall, makes one double take. We have the 'redo' opportunity everyone wishes for when they loose that super horse. More information

R-Flash Gordon

R-Flash Gordon v. R-Saluut II - B-Cinderella v. Corleone, stamm 5585. Foaled in 2010, Flash is not yet standing stud. He is a spitting image of his sire both in type and temperament and knows he is meant to be a jumper. If we had known Saluut as a young horse I expect Flash is his twin. More information

Stud Fee: $1,250
C-Picasso v. CHINN - Locksley Spotlight

C-Picasso is by CHINN out of White Shoulders v. Locksley Spotlight. He has a large frame, ground covering gaits and a wonderful temperament. He is more relaxed as a stallion than his sire CHINN yet has a strong will for life, like his recently passed sister Vicki. He was severly injured as a coming 4 year old requiring a month of hospital care, multiple surgeries and lengthy after care. Therefor, he has not had a career. Blood distribution is 76% hol/xx and 24% app. Dam line is known for producing great character. Full sibling cZildjian was champion every show out one season with his junior rider and 3/4 sister Miss Julia was a winning Prelim event mare with a junior rider as well. Chin-Chin sire line produces bravery but Spotlight's sure footed tendency makes that bravery careful! More information

CHINN v. Champagne (v. VDL Chin-Chin) - Frascati v. Fasolt

CHINN is a retired stallion by Champagne (v. VDL Chin-Chin) out of Frascati v. Fasolt - Miss Ree Ree xx. He is an elegant and elastic stallion producing many champion hunters, jumpers, event and dressage horses. All with great movement and 'point and shoot' temperament for jumping. cZappa, a pinto cross, was owned by Melissa Rivers and in Todd Minikus' barn was knicknamed, 'The Jumping Fool'. He would jump anything you pointed him at,.. anything! All who owned CHINN foals not only enjoy winning but also enjoy the exuburant personality of their team mate. Cloverlone has bred a CHINN mare, Pristine, to R-Saluut II and produced two fillies that both carry CHINN temperaments. More information

Locksley Spotlight v. Churchill (v. Cor de la Bryere) - Everett's Son xx

Locksley Spotlight (deceased) and Locksley Redskin (unknown) were the first spotted Holsteiner stallions, born in 1986. Redskin went to Germany and was heard to have produced some spotted Holsteiners. Cloverlone purchased Spotlight 'wild out of a field' in '88. His jump was so powerful Morton 'Cappy' Smith would come see him free jump often, even traveling as far as Blacksburg, VA. Spotlight eventually found his place in the hunter ring. His canter, jump and lead change were perfect for Gail, very green at the time, in the amateurs. Like Champagne, Spotlight produced his best foals out of Frascati v. Fasolt: Camille, Chappie's Choice and Broadway boogie-woogie. Camille was approved OLD with ISR/OLD and Chappie's Choice was a champion in the A circuit hunters winning in the best of company. Broadway was eligible OLD with ISR/OLD and approved RPSI book II. More information

Champagne v. VDL Chin-Chin - Autholocity xx

Champagne was Cloverlone's first stallion purchased in the back fields of Locksley as a 2 year old in 1986. Chin-Chin was in the country 6 months and Champagne was the only resulting colt. Out of the thoroughbred mare, Autholocity (by Authenticity out of an In Reality mare) Champagne had much more elastic movement and a lighter frame. Chin-Chin's can be short and heavy, and all jump anything in their way. Champagne bred to a 15.3 hand thoroughbred mare, Flighty Birthday, produced a 17.2 hand stallion, Chamois. His type and trainability was exquisite. He later became Joe Montana's hunter. Champagne was sold to Mrs. Smith, The Oaks of San Jan Capistrano, when Chin-Chin went to the Seoul Olympics and was 5th in individual jumpers. Champagne had sired a colt for Cloverlone out of Frascati v. Fasolt, CHINN. More information