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April 12, 2013
Captain America - World's most elite bred spotted warmblood

Captain America, 2008 stallion, by Broadway boogie-woogie is only 4.4% appaloosa. His female family, or stam, is Holsteiner 5585. Half brother in blood, Claussen by Calato out of Fiona II, was a German team horse and would have jumped in Bejing Olympics had he not been injured month prior in Spain. Claussen's dam is a full sister to B-Cinderella, Cappy's dam.

Cappy is a well balanced young stallion with stunning movement. It is not yet known how he will produce but expecting him to sire a wide range of sport horses: dressage, hunters and jumpers depending on the mare type. His pedigree full of the strong Cor de la Bryere stallions Churchill and Caletto II has been crossed with many lines of foundation Holsteiner 'F' line and 4 crosses to Cottage Son xx making him an excellent cross on 'L' line mares. Cloverlone has two such mares in Cappy's future: L'Zar v. Ladinos and La Bella v. Landstreicher. More information

Captain America Broadway boogie-woogie Locksley Spotlight Churchill v. Cor de la Bryere
Miss T Damae v. Everett's Son xx
Frascatti Fasolt v. Farnese
Miss Ree Ree xx
B-Cinderella Corleone Caletto II v. Cor de la Bryere
Elite II v. Farnese
Lanke Romanow v. Ramiro
Angelia v. Colombo

April 12, 2013
Byacinthe, v. R-Saluut II - Nyacinthe II v. Indorado, stam 242 (ET donor)

Byacinthe is a tall, long lined young mare with international quality jumper pedigree! She is from the famous Holsteiner stam 242 and by legendary international jumper, R-Saluut II. Byacinthe's dam was an imported Dutch mare and World Cup qualified.

Byacinthe is available for embryo transfer breeding before she begins her career.

April 1, 2013
VicTaurus, Vicki - another farewell

After a long and promising fight after founder (induced by steroid treatment) Vicki got an infection that would not be treatable while she continued her recovery. She was always strong and positive during her recovery and we had expected her to be back on her feet full time in near future. She filled our days and we miss her terribly. Loosing two amazing spirits so close together is not easy but with Spring's blessings we are excited for the coming breeding season. Vicki is always close to our hearts.

February 7, 2013
We say goodbye to R-Saluut II

R-Saluut II passed February 7, 2013. He was in great health considering all that he had survived into his late age of 32. He retired from breeding only a year earlier and could still run fence line chasing off 'intruders'. Dr. Ley believes he had a stroke. His presence is missed.

Saluut left us many wonderful fillies and a special stud colt, R-Flash Gordon, out of the imported Prem Verband Holsteiner mare, B-Cinderella v. Corleone - Romanow -- Colombo (stamm 5585). For those that have missed out on the opporunity to breed to the living legend, R-Saluut II, we think you will be pleased to see this young stallion mature. Flash, standing in his sire's stall, makes one double take. We have the 'redo' opportunity everyone wishes for when they loose that super horse.