Cloverlone Broodmare Farm

Cloverlone Broodmare Farm

  • Sire: CHINN
  • Dam: White Shoulders
  • Gender: stallion
  • Year Born: 1996
  • Color: bay with blanket
  • Height: 16.2 h
  • Stud Fee: $1,250

C-Picasso is by CHINN out of White Shoulders v. Locksley Spotlight. He has a large frame, ground covering gaits and a wonderful temperament. He is more relaxed as a stallion than his sire CHINN yet has a strong will for life, like his recently passed sister Vicki. He was severly injured as a coming 4 year old requiring a month of hospital care, multiple surgeries and lengthy after care. Therefor, he has not had a career. Blood distribution is 76% hol/xx and 24% app. Dam line is known for producing great character. Full sibling cZildjian was champion every show out one season with his junior rider and 3/4 sister Miss Julia was a winning Prelim event mare with a junior rider as well. Chin-Chin sire line produces bravery but Spotlight's sure footed tendency makes that bravery careful!

Pristine CHINN Champagne VDL Chin-Chin
Autholocity xx
Frascati Fasolt
Miss Ree Ree xx
White Shoulders Locksley Spotlight Churchill
Miss T Damae v. Everett's Son xx
Stone Quiz  


Miss Julia v. CHINN - White Shoulders, born 1995

Miss Julia, full sibling to C-Picasso, competed successfully to Prelim eventing with her amateur rider.

cZildjian v. CHINN - Stone Quiz, born 1993

cZildjian, 3/4 sibling to C-Picasso, competed with many championships in childern's hunters and equitation with his junior rider.

Caroline v. CHINN - Frascati, born 1991

Caroline, also by CHINN, was sold as a young mare to Joan Irvine-Smith of The Oaks, San Juan Capistrano CA. There she produced numerous IJF champions.